Lisandent dentistry Budapest - More than 20 years of experience!


Consultation20 €
Mouth examination20 €
Tooth extraction55 €
Professional teeth cleaning: ultrasonic plaque removal,
intraoral power jet, polishing and gum treatment with laser
110 €
Gingival treatment with medical laser25 €
Gingival treatment with medical laser (10 times)230 €
Full professional tooth bleaching (professional)400 €
Full professional tooth bleaching (home kit)200 €
Aesthetic tooth-coloured fillings80 - 100 €
Aesthetic tooth-coloured inlays110 €
Temporal crown (per piece)25 €
Porcelain covered crown, bridge (per piece)230 €
Full porcelain crown with Cirkon (per piece)300 - 500 €
Golden ceramic crown, bridge (per piece)270 € + Gold
Porcelain covered crown to an implant (per piece):270 €
Full porcelain crown with Cirkon to an implant (per piece)550 €
Splint for temporomandibular joint complaints60 €
Root canal treatment: tooth with one root110 €
Root canal treatment: tooth with two roots160 €
Root canal treatment: tooth with three roots200 €
Removable denture: plastic430 €
Removable denture: plastic and metal combination580 €
Removable denture with precious anchoring system900 - 1400 €

Tax is included. One year guarantee is applied for intended use.